CISV is a volunteer organization.  We need everyone’s help to provide the best opportunities for the participants in our programs and to further CISV’s presence in the Knoxville community.

Farmers Market 2016

Whether it is working with the JB to help set up on a Saturday at the Farmer’s Market booth or organizing an community service project — we are always in need of help. Or maybe you would rather work on a monthly newsletter or assist with membership records.  We have established a goal to broaden our organization’s profile in the area and be more widely know as a community peace organization. Let us know how you can help. 

CISV has opportunities for adults through Mosaic projects, which are local community focused programs that can range from working with other like minded organizations in our area to offering a week-long Village experience to youth here in our area. See more at the Mosaic site

And if you want to travel and experience CISV as an adult, check out the IPP, International People’s Project.  You will find more information here.