Thank you for volunteering in our CISV Smoky Mountain Chapter!

If you would like to chaperone an event or host a CISV delegate, please follow the instructions below on the website for CISV Central.

Click on the “register” button on the left hand side of the screen.

Next complete the contact information (Please use First Name.Last Name) eg. John.Doe

Click “create new account”

You will receive an email from the CISV Central asking you to verify your email. This could take several minutes.

After you verify your email you will be logged back in and prompted to choose a Chapter.

You do not need to pay.  Indicate that your membership payment will be made by check.

Under Forms on the second page are three forms for you to read and/or electronically sign.

1. Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy Background Questions

2. Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy Acknowledgement

3. Non – Disclosure Agreement form

Under Documents
1. Chaperone Guidelines

2. Background Check and Question. and authorization form. Please add your home

address to this form.

Background Check Form